Steampunk News round-up 30/01/2014

New steampunk book released
Lumiere by Jacqueline Garlick

On this day, I bring you news of an American steampunk inventor being interviewed by a sceptical Australian reporter. There’s also a steampunk society looking for fresh blood (not in the literal sense, have some decorum) and a steampunk TARDIS which, thanks to a wonderfully accidental spelling error is furnished with bras. Read on, dear boy:

ABC Western Plains have interviewed Caleb Heinselman, a steampunk inventor, who is peddling his wares across the Outback.

The Phoenix New Times have covered the Steampunk Ball at Scottsdale Centre which happened on the 23rd January 2013. You can see a selection of fine imagery or maybe it’s time to give the old time machine an airing and go and watch in person.

A new steampunk RPG called Windforge will be launched on March 11 2014 after getting the satisfactory tip of the hat from Steam. Posted by

ExpressMilwaukee has reported on the Gas Lamp Express Annual Garden Train show which opened on January 18 2014 and runs to March 30 2014. This year the theme is steampunk.

The Black Hills Steampunk Society have been interviewed by Rapid City Journal and it makes for very interesting reading.

Remember I mentioned the Steampunk coffee machine in a previous news round up

(26/09/13)? A precision coffee maker that has used it’s name to gain attention more than define it’s look (given that it’s smooth chrome)? Well SFWeekly have reported on a “Brew-Off” after a roasting company owner poo-poo’d the automatic machine.

DNAInfo have reported on a steampunk artist who has transformed his house into a steampunk gallery. There’s a slide-show on the page with around 15 images to see.

Steampunk author Jacqueline Garlick has been interviewed by Chatham News about her new book Lumière. have posted about a TARDIS designer that has taken a steampunk element to the famous Dr. Who travelling Police Box.

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