Steampunk Journal attending National Railway Museum Invasion

National Railway Museum royal trains at York
Image from National Railway Museum website

I’ll be heading on over to the National Railway Museum Invasion on Sunday February 9th in York, so if you’re going along, be sure to tip your hat.

I’ll be reporting on the day and hopefully taking some pictures, but I always love to see photographs from more established steampunks. If you’d like to contribute some pictures, be sure to say hello and get a business card from me.

The groups will be amassing around the Royal trains at around 11am. We will be having a wander around before going into York for some shopping. There is a photo shoot at 1pm where the turntable is.

Some shops have offered discount for steampunks, so make sure you have a good read through the Facebook page for any that are on offer.

National Railway Museum Invasion Facebook page

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