San Diego steampunks evicted from Mall

steampunks run-in with the law
Image from San Diego Reader.

A group of steampunks in America have been refused entry to a Mall after the security team saw them as a threat and even called them riffraff.

The San Diego reader ran a story about a group of steampunks visiting Carlsbad Mall and subsequently got turned away by the security team. When asked why, they were told it was because the costumes were in violation of the Mall’s dress code which states that all visitors must wear appropriate clothing. The clothing mustn’t obscure features on the face. When the steampunks pointed out that their faces weren’t being obscured, the reasons began to change.

The group were told that groups of people have been coming to the Mall recently dressed as vampires and some wearing horse heads. They tried to ride on the Carousel – which is what the steampunks were there for – and generally annoyed people, so the management have advised security to prevent anyone dressed up from entering the Mall.

The San Diego Reader called the Mall’s management team and they confirmed that all Westfield Malls have the same dress code conduct. When they were informed that another Mall belonging to the group had previously welcomed the steampunks, they wouldn’t comment any further.


This is the first I’ve heard of a group of steampunks being moved from an area because they were seen as possible troublemakers. However, it seems it’s not the first time that this has happened at this particular Mall. The comments at the end of the article are from cosplayers and steampunks that have also been evicted from Carlsbad Mall because of the way they have been dressed.

It’s unusual to me that someone dressed in fine clothing and looking smart can be considered to be a troublesome character, yet people dressed in clothing stereotypical to thieves are allowed to wander in and out at will.

Do you have an occurrence of being asked to leave somewhere because of how you’re dressed?

Comment below.

Read the story in the San Diego Reader by following this link: Steampunks evicted from Mall



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One thought on “San Diego steampunks evicted from Mall

  1. I have been asked to leave uncountable number of places for being barefoot. Ask any barefooter about discrimination and you’ll get about the same number of places.

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