Blackmore steampunk video game Kickstarter

Blackmore set in Britain
Blackmore video game looks impressive

Before an argument starts over why the Americans and Japanese are making a video game set in Britain, look at the picture above. If Blackmore looks like this all the way through, then it’s going to be impressive.
The Kickstarter project has until Wednesday March 12th to reach it’s target goal of $200,000. Bids start at $1 and for that you’ll get your name in the in-game newspaper. There’s various options to pledge and each offers the previous plus something extra with the top pledge of $10,000 including an invite to the launch party along with all the other goodies.

“You play as Emma Blackmore, a brave young heroine who, along with the help of her steampunk gadget-laden robot sidekick, Descartes, must track down a serial killer that’s terrorizing the people of East London. Her normal life is shattered one day and she finds herself embroiled in a dark and twisted mystery that exposes the dark side of the city and the dark side of humanity”

The art is decidedly Japanese in it’s stylings of characters with elements of Britishness to set the scene.

Blackmore is a steampunk-themed adventure game set in an alternate universe of Victorian era London in 1888.

Imagine an alternative London in the Victorian Era – a world where European and Asian fashion and aesthetics collide, a world where advances in automation, electronics and chemistry have ushered in a wondrous new world filled with robotic servants, steam-driven transportation and ornately gilded steampunk gadgetry. But as wondrous as it may appear, all that gleaming steel and burnished brass hides an underbelly tainted by rust and tarnished with grime.  It’s a world where homeless children beg for food, their hands yellowed and stained from toiling in the match factory, a world where families sleep crowded together in rat-infested rooms, a world choking to death on its own gluttonous greed.

Blackmore Kickstarter game
Blackmore is set in an alternate Victorian London

You can read all about the game including some videos and also what you get for your donation, should you decide to. Click the link here to go to the Kickstarter page: Blackmore Kickstarter plea

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