Steampunk artist wins art competition

Portal contest page
Portal contest winner announced

Printing website WeLoveFine recently held a competition. The theme was PORTAL, based on the computer game and over 250 people submitted art work. There were some stunning entries with most depicting the protagonist of the Portal game; Chell and her Portal Gun.

The winner was well known steampunk artist Brian Kesinger and his image titled The Cake is a Fabrication. Californian based Brian is the author and illustrator of “Walking Your Octopus: A Guide to the Domesticated Cephalopod,” which depicts Victoria and Otto in various daily scenes. It was published in 2013.

Chell and Portal Gun
Winning image by Brian Kesinger (right)

The competition was judged entirely by people visiting the site and submitting their favourite image. Brian had the highest amount of votes, which shows what a following he has, the quality of his work and how more popular steampunk is becoming.

The winning print has earned Kesinger a trip to Pax East 2014, a Portal 2 Gun replica signed by Valve, Aperture Black Lab Mug, Portal 2 – Steel Series QCK  mouse pad, and a Valve Exclusive Turret Statue.

The four runners up each got $400 in cash, a Portal 2 Gun Custom Kit or Valve Exclusive Turret and an Aperture Black Lab Mug.

All winning images, excluding the Hot Topic Exclusive Pick, are available as T-Shirts for $25 or as fine art prints for $25-40 on the WeLoveFine website here:  WeLoveFine shop

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