Best examples: Steampunk knives

Gokusonwing at DeviantArt
Designed by Gokusonwing

I’ve always been more enthralled with the silent death weapons and always opt for them over noisy weaponry favoured by American steampunks. That’s not to say that guns don’t have a certain allure to them.

In fact I’m currently in ownership of two replica duelling pistols and a short Blunderbuss. But my fondness lies with knives (I own several), swords (one), medieval axes (one). If I look at projectile weapons, it’s generally bows (one) and crossbows (one).

I’m starting to look like a weapon fanatic now, but I don’t think I have that much and they’re mostly for display purposes. I intend to steampunk the crossbow as the arm is starting to break and can’t ever be fired again as it is.

Researching this article was quite splendid. The knives are made from a range of materials and not all look Victorian in their design, but have that steampunk element to them. There’s a samurai sword/rifle hybrid and a mulitple use knife with a ridiculous amount of utensils on it including – unless my eyes deceive me – a small pistol.

As usual I was also presented with the type of abominations creations that would have Sir Reginal Pikedevant Esq wincing in pain.

There are some stunning steampunk knives out there. Some are hand made including the one used as the banner image for this article. Others are made by knife manufacturers, but all are impressive and gorgeous to look at. I’ve given credit where I could find it. If you’re the owner of the photograph or product and require creditation giving, I will be more than pleased to do so.

If you have a creation that you’d like me to take a look at and add to the Best Examples section, please feel free to email me through the usual channels.

Feel free to leave your general musings on the creations in this article.

steampunk lock knife with web blade
photo copyright Cory Martin
Time Machine knife
Designed by Van Barnett
Steampunk knife with pistol design
Designed by Andre Andersson
steampunk lock knife
The War Toad by Geoff from TuffKnives
Steampunk sword/rifle hybrid
Designed by TamonteN
Utility knife with an attachment for arguably every conceivable outcome
Unknown designer
Steampunk knife
Unknown designer
Steampunk  knife with suspended blade
Designed by Van Barnett
Steampunk knife with finger guards
Unknown designer
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