Operation Steelpunk! Part One

Sheffield Cutlery for steampunk goggles
Cutlery for Operation Steelpunk

I may as well admit it that I’m hopeless at making things. I’m not a steampunk inventor by all accounts. I am creative, though and when I discovered that Daniel, an old school friend of mine, makes things out of metal in his spare time, I asked him to make me some goggles that would reflect my Sheffield heritage.

I collected up a selection of cutlery from a local antiques shop which all had the Made in Sheffield legend on them and asked him to make a pair of goggles using the cutlery. My idea was simple, but there was a few definite pointers that I wanted.

  • The name Sheffield needed to be outwards whenever the cutlery was forged into a ring.
  • I wanted two forks as hooks for the strap which have the prongs bent round to attach them (my previous attempts at this had resulted in a split thumb nail as the prong snapped).
  • They need to be shiny
  • It needs to be obvious they’re made of cutlery

And so I sent him to work. He’s going to document the whole process, so I’ll update regularly with pictures.

This now leads me to our latest poll, which I will post after this. I want to know what I should make the strap from. Please go to the Poll and cast your vote as it means a lot to me.

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