Operation Steelpunk! Part two

Steelpunk goggles 6
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 6

I was recently sent these images of my goggles in their pre-welded state. I think you’ll agree that they look simply gorgeous as they are!The lenses are camera filters. Just the cheap UV versions that you can now get second-hand from camera shops that have a second-hand section or car boot sales. The reason I chose filters was because of the welding. I decided that the extreme temperatures may melt traditional plastic welding lenses whereas the camera filters have a metal ring around the circumference which should offer enough protection.

The fork has a small bend in the prong which is to attach the two goggles together in the middle. Something I nearly forgot!

Steelpunk goggles 7
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 7
Steelpunk goggles 5
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 5
Steelpunk goggles 4
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 4
Steelpunk goggles 3
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 3
Steelpunk goggles 2
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 2
Steelpunk goggles 1
Sheffield steel Steampunk goggles 1
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