Steampunk side-car

Copyright Marco Furnaletto
Steampunk side-car

I first saw this side-car on Facebook from a post by the facially elusive Captain Constance Bashford. It’s designed by Italian 3D artist Marco Furlanetto. His website is currently undergoing maintenance but I managed to harvest a few photographs from AutoEvolution and the article they covered on his work.

Copyright Marco Furnaletto
steampunk side-car right view

The motorbike is a low rider with a stunning female masthead and single spoke front wheel. The real genius lies in the side car, which is a high rising backed leather chair with brass trim. It sits INSIDE the side-car wheel! It’s this kind of invention and innovation that makes steampunk what it is. Taking what you have and making it much better while still retaining an air of the Victorian age.

Copyright Marco Furnaletto
Steampunk side-car left view

It makes those ones from Men In Black III pale into insignificance.


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