Steampunk news round up 04/03/2014

Bluetooth Steampunk amplifier
Bluetooth Steampunk amplifier

Good day steampunks, today I bring you news of a modern sounding music device with a steampunk look to it. Confuses those nowpunks, I can tell you. There’s also news of  a steampunk shooting game, a beardy event for all you gentlemen (and some ladies) sporting splendid facial hair. have reported on a new shooting game called Steel Empire. It has a distinctive steampunk flavour and will be available for 3DS in Japan later this month.

TheGadgeteer have reported on an amplifier that has been given a steampunk make-over. It incorporates that archaic wireless bus system Bluetooth to transmit a signal from your compatible portable device to the Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier.

PennLive have reported on a steampunk themed production of Hansel & Gretel which is due to start March 6th. It can’t be any worse than the film.

Finally, March 1st saw Gear, Beards and Beers take place in Jackson, Michigan. It was a collaboration of steampunks to bring them together in harmony. Lovely. Would you like to attend next year? Well there’s only 362 sleeps to wait.

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