Operation Steelpunk! Part three

Operation Steelpunk! Image 9
Steel goggles dynamic view

A few weeks ago, I asked a friend of mine, who is more than capable in the art of metal fabrication and welding, to make me a pair of steampunk goggles made out of knives and forks to reflect the city in which I was born and raised. I’ve been posting updates showing the progress of the project and I was sent a number of updated pictures today.

Operation Steelpunk! Image 8
Steel goggles top view

The goggles are starting to take shape now. One problem discovered was that not all the cutlery is stainless steel. I’m not overly concerned with that – from a heritage point of view – because they’re still made in Sheffield and that’s the main focus of the project. However, because of them not being made of steel, but in fact Silver plated Nickel, those pieces of cutlery can’t be welded.

These have to be bolted and I’ve ordered some copper nuts and bolts to do that. The forks down the side also pose a question. Do I use them as grips down the side of the hat they’ll be sitting on and not have a strap, or do I proceed with cutting and making a leather strap. After all, Leather received the most amount of votes in the Poll asking what material it should be made from.

Operation Steelpunk! Image 12
Steel goggles rear view
Operation Steelpunk! Image 11
Steel goggles side view
Operation Steelpunk! Image 10
Steel goggles distant view
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