Operation Steelpunk! Update

Operation Steelpunk! Capped forks 3
Operation Steelpunk! Front view

After I asked about the wooden handles, I placed a vote to see what you, the reader, thought about the design. You all decided that the touch of wood was a good one. I noted that I wanted the ends capping off otherwise it looked just like cut down forks and not an amalgamation of formed metal.

So Dan had a wonderful idea to use the ends of the handles and attach them to the base of the fork. It means that the ends have curves to them and aren’t sawn off.

Operation Steelpunk! Capped forks 1
Operation Steelpunk! isometric right view
Operation Steelpunk! Capped forks 2
Operation Steelpunk! side view
Operation Steelpunk! Capped forks 4
Operation Steelpunk! Top view

I always like to hear from readers, so please take a look through the pictures and tell me what you think. We’re close to completion and I’ve already started imagining our next project.

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