Brian Kesinger launches campaign on Indiegogo

Walking your Octopus funding campaign
Otto the Octopus and Victoria figurine

Brian Kesinger, the creator of well known illustrated novel Walking Your Octopus featuring Otto the Octopus and Victoria, has started a campaign on Indiegogo to begin funding for the creation of a collectible figurine.

He hopes to raise $90,000 in 30 days to fund the project.

The 1/6th figurine of Victoria will stand roughly 12 inches tall and be made from various materials such as metal for Victoria’s goggles and earrings, velvet for her hat and fabric for the under skirt, over skirt, apron and under drawers. Otto will stand around six inches tall and have a leather leash with metal name tags.

Walking you Octopus original art
Otto and Victoria artwork

For your donation, there are many wonderful prizes from being listed as a contributor if you donate $1, to limited edition prints, T-Shirts, joining the design team for lunch and if you pay the most amount of $10,000, Brian will place you as a character in his forthcoming Otto & Victoria book.

Should the project be over funded, the additional money will go towards paying for the next project.

If you want to get involved, follow the link here: Otto and Victoria Walking my Octopus figurine Indiegogo campaign

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