Expanding steampunk

Lady Gaga steampunk
Lady Gaga

It seems that steampunk has been integrating it’s way into the lives of the influential and famous over the past three or four years. That’s if these articles over on Buzzfeed are anything to go by.

Repetitive French DJ David Guetta and talentless musical wonder Nicki Minaj made a steampunk video for the song Turn Me On back in 2012.

In 2011, everyone’s favourite hate male Justin Bieber decided to try and murder steampunk in his own special way by releasing a dire version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town set in a dystopian clockwork North Pole toy factory.

Lady Gaga posted two photographs of her wearing flamboyant Victorian clothing in 2012. Far from ruining the image, in her typical way, she’s managed to make it look quite splendid.

Prada steampunk
Prada fashion

Also in 2012 Prada went a bit Victorian/steampunk for their Autumn selection. The photos featured Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell and Garrett Hedlund. One of these photographs featured in our Steampunk Boys article which you can go to via the related articles below.

In 2011, Panic! At the Disco released a song called Ballad of Mona Lisa where they all wore goggles and top hats.


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