Steampunk stories are old hat

Datamancer steampunk laptop
Steampunk Laptop by Richard Nagy

According to a recent article by IO9, steampunk stories are in the top ten of the most reviled fiction genres by publishers at the moment. While there’s no hiding the current acceleration of steampunk as a fad by the general public, potential authors are using this spike in popularity to submit their works.If you’re a budding scribe looking to submit your work, don’t let this news put you off. The thing that the publishers hate in particular is faux steampunk. That is to say a normal story that has had airplanes replaced with airships and everyone is wearing welding goggles. The idea being that it will give the impression of being in a steampunk world and get automatically submitted.

It seems that the best thing to do is not worry too much about it. Continue to write your masterpiece and submit it. You never know. At least it’s not a zombie story.

You can read the full top ten in the io9 article here: 10 Science Fiction stories that publishers are tired of seeing

Want to test the water? Why not enter the Steampunk Journal writing competition here: Win! A copy of Steampunk Style

My thanks to Rob Bell for posting this article, without which I wouldn’t have seen it.

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