Brass Brunel Bristol steampunk event is cancelled

Bristol Steampunk Festival poster
Brass Brunel! Bristol Steampunk Festival

Sadly due to poor ticket sales, the organisers of Brass Brunel, which was due to run from June 20-22, have had to cancel the event. The convivial was being organised by steampunks, for steampunks and was going to feature a market, workshops and steampunk exhibitions in Bristol.There was also going to be entertainment provided by Birthrite, Gladstone, The Cogkneys and Miss Von Trapp.

The worry is that is smaller independent events such as this aren’t supported, then the larger events such as Asylum will become too commercialised. A problem that Whitby Goth Weekend is on the brink of.

It is terribly unfortunate that an event would have to cease before it even began simply because of money, which is something that shouldn’t be a problem. Could there be an underlying factor? Whitby has just been and some people may be feeling the pinch at a time when the organisers really need them to get a ticket or two. Doncaster Steampunk event is now running on the same date. Could it be that there are too many events running at the same time or near to each other?

Let me know your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Brass Brunel Bristol steampunk event is cancelled

  1. That is such a shame, as we will be in the area visiting friends, at that time. Some people prefer to get tickets nearer the event.

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