British steampunks! Your attention, please

Steam Travel
Steampunk Kickstarter project

American traveller, steampunk blogger and friend of the Journal Forwhomthegearturns has began a Kickstarter campaign which will fund an adventure into the heart of the Colonies‘ motherland.

She intends to travel to London and visit Victorian places of note while writing a travelzine for other potential tourists from the Americas or beyond.

By getting involved, you can contribute to the trip and get something back in return. There are various ways to show your support. For example, for $10 (around £6) you will get a 50 word (written by you) advertisement (called a Shout Out) with a thumbnail image in the ezine.

You can use this space to advertise a product, business location, person of interest or simply say hello to someone. There are other options should you decide to pledge more or less including some splendid hand-made creations and copies of the Travelzine.

If you want to contribute to this project, follow the link here: Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London

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