Games company plans “free roam” steampunk game

Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars
Sky Bridge concept art

A computer game company based in Van Buren, Arkansas, is due to begin production of a steampunk themed video game with a free roam feature of a vast Neo-Victorian world, but they need your help.

Jacob Siler, the CEO  of JAZ Games which he owns with his siblings Allison and Zachary thought up the idea some time ago. After processing the idea and formulating a structure to the plan, they published a book called Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars, which serves as a background to the characters and storyline.

Siler said about the book: “It describes a variety of characters fighting their way deeper into a web of mystery and intrigue. They begin to discover that the lines between good and evil are not as clearly defined as they once believed. When secrets threaten to tear them apart, they must weigh their dedication to their cause against the cost of battling a conspiracy which could ultimately destroy the fabric of their civilization.”

JAZ are using Kickstarter to fund the project which needs $250,000 and are hoping for the same success as the book which managed to get 200% of the asking amount. Should the Kickstart be a success, they plan to hire Programmers and Graphic Artists. They also intend to run internships throughout the semesters to get experience to as many interns as they can.

The game will feature:

  • PC, MAC, and Linux release
  • Unreal® Engine 4 – Fully Licensed – Featuring AAA Graphics WASD movement
  • Open World Environments
  • Third / First person Dynamic Camera Views
  • Multiple Vehicles (Airships, Amphibious Craft, Jet Packs)
  • Land, Air, and Sea Real-time Battles (including pirates and Oracles)
  • Motion Capture
  • Crafting, Inventing, and Alchemy Labs
  • Foley and Sound Design for all Cutscenes and gameplay
  • Full voice acting for all characters (including NPCs)

You can view the project and fund it via Kickstarter here: Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars Kickstarter project

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