I say, it’s ruddy Battlestar Galactica: 1880

Battestar Galactica 1880 comic cover
Battestar Galactica 1880 cover

Infamous 1980’s science fiction television show Battlestar Galactica has been given a fresh new dimension for a comic that’s about to launch.

The new Battlestar Galactica is in fact an “old” version as it’s set in 1880 and based in a steampunk alter-dimension.The story follows the original storyline with slight changes. In this new world, the Colonial Empire is destroyed by clockwork Cylonics created by Professor Baltar. Apollo – the Arch Duke Adama’s son – is missing and Lady Athena must seek out reluctant hero Captain Starbuck to find him and bring him home.

Written by New York Times number one best selling author Tony Lee, with art by Aneke and covers by Ardian Syaf and Sergio Fernandez Davilla. This actually looks quite interesting and if you grew up with BSG like I did, it will be definitely worth a read.

I think the protagonists on the cover above look like my friends Quentin Cumberpatch and Louis Hamblett, but I can’t place the lady. I’d love to know who you think they look like in the comments section below.


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