Steampunk Tower review

Steampunk Tower image 9
Steampunk Tower fighting the enemy

Steampunk Tower is a free download game for Android and iOS, which is newly available on Google Play. Developed by Dreamgate, the game is published by Chillingo, the same stable as Catapult King, Dead Ahead and Tiny Troopers. Steampunk Tower is a free download game in most countries.

Steampunk Tower app game image 1
Steampunk Tower main screen

Once you’ve installed the game from the App store or Google Play, you’re faced with a main screen in antique brown. Gears whirr in the upper centre portion of the screen and either side of the text. You can opt to play a game, look at the credits or sign into your Google+ account. This does allow Chillingo even more access to your details as well as the basic stuff just from downloading.

Steampunk Tower image 2
Steampunk Tower Map

Playing a game initially takes you to a map of the immediate area which features a fantasy land full of battlefields, mountains, deserts, canyons and pretty much every other natural occurrence you may find on an entire planet. Except trees. It has a look similar to the Old West. Animated dirigibles float around the map stopping at the landing zone next to the Old battlefield before meandering off. Chimneys spew fumes from the Factory in the centre of the map and sewage spills into the swamp. A red tower indicates your play area as a tower is under attack.

Steampunk Tower image 4
Steampunk Tower starting the game

Tapping it pops up a briefing window with Lord Bingham, a dapper chap in a top hat and monocle, will give you instructions on your next step. Your help is in the form of Jane – Head Researcher to Lord Bingham – who will guide you on setting up the tower.

Steampunk Tower image 6
Steampunk Tower building your arsenal

A blue arrow indicates that it’s possible for you to purchase and use a weapon. You start with $11,000 and a machine gun costs $7,000 each. Other weapons are locked until your tower upgrades a level. Once you’ve kitted out the tower, you can start the battle.
Fighting is done automatically, but you can tap on certain targets to get the guns to concentrate fire-power on them. As you advance through the lower stages new enemies will appear such as airships, helicopter bombs and reinforced troops.

Steampunk Tower image 9
Steampunk Tower fighting the enemy

As the guns fire, they deplete their ammunition and when they get to the end, they need to reload. You can do this at quiet parts by dragging the guns into the main tower. Part of the strategy is also to move the guns around the tower to places they’re needed.

Once you’ve completed certain levels, you’ll be allowed to access the Laboratory back at the Map page. Here you can upgrade the guns, added tower levels and get new tech.

Steampunk Tower image 10
Steampunk Tower defeat

If you have some time to spare – several hours, for example – then Steampunk Tower is a game that will thrill, excite and infuriate you. The animation is great and they’ve nailed a steampunk look perfectly. The story flows well and the enemies work well as silhouettes because they look more sinister.
Maybe I’m simply no good at computer games, because I struggled to get past Wave 8 of Level 4. However, my six year old son got to Level 7 within half an hour of starting to play.

I really like the artwork to the game and the amount of interaction you have even while fighting. It means you’re not simply sat there while the game has all the fun. Highly Recommended awardRatings
Features 4
Game quality 4
Value 5
Overall 4

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