Here be no Dragons

Bloodborne isn't a sequel to Demon's Souls
Bloodborne is a new game for PS4

A new game by the creators of Demon’s Souls, thought originally to be a sequel, has been set in a Victorian/steampunk fantasy world because it has more guns.

According to game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki in an interview written for Famitsu – a Japanese gaming magazine – they were approached by Sony before the release of the PS4 and were asked to create a game for new technology. He went on to say that the new game, titled Bloodborne, was therefore never intended as a sequel, because the time frames are a world apart. Demon’s Souls is set in a medieval era.

The game creators wanted to move away from the relative restricted fighting styles of swordplay and use guns. They opted for the Victorian era because guns are used freely and they didn’t want it to be just about gun fighting. With the limited technology available in that time, while guns are used, they’re not all that powerful.

Sadly, there won’t be any Dragons in the game. When pressed for information in the interview, Miyazaki said that even though Dragons won’t appear in the new game, having just humans to fight would soon get boring, so they will have various creatures. Some of the creatures will fit with the theme, while some have been thought up by the design team.

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