Gearing up for Steam Tour: Dolls of New Albion

I have been combing the listings for the Edinburgh fringe fest looking for all of the Steampunk offerings between Aug 7-15 and I was thrilled to find out that I will serendipitously overlap with the week-long run of The Dolls of New Albion. This Steampunk opera is being performed for the third time and was put together by a group of current and former Oxford students. According to their website:

New Albion Dolls“A stage musical adaptation of Paul Shapera’s album of the same name, The Dolls of New Albion: A Steampunk Opera is a musical in four acts following different generations of the ill-fated McAlistair family. When lonely scientist Annabelle revives her dead love Jasper, placing him inside a life sized mechanical doll, her actions set into motion an escalating series of unhappy events that alter New Albion (and the McAlistair family) forever. As the generations pass, the dead roam the city.  Join us in this struggle for love, sacrifice, and Elysium.”

The trailer gave me chills, I can’t wait to see it in person! You can watch the trailer below, or visit their Kickstarter page to find out more about the production and make a donation and ensure they get to perform at Ed Fringe!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign was successful and I got a chance to see the show and interview several members of the cast and production team, so check out my review!


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