Ladies spotted having tea on London Bridge

Tea Bombing
Two ladies in Victorian outfits set up a table and chairs then had tea in the middle of London Bridge.

A member of the steampunk community posted a link to a news story about two ladies that got dressed up and had tea on the central reservation of London Bridge on Monday morning. No-one is entirely sure why they did and it doesn’t look like anyone has found out who they are.Were they wearing Victorian? Someone has speculated Georgian.

Could it be a PR stunt? Prank? Or they simply got thirsty and just happened to have a full brew kit, china cups, Victorian outfits and a wrought iron bistro table and chairs on them at the time.

Whatever the reason, the term “Teabombing” has been coined and I’m willing to create a page dedicated to examples of it. Well as long as it’s in more sensible areas than the middle of a road in one of the World’s busiest cities at rush hour.

Image provided courtesy of @VEaslea on Twitter

4 thoughts on “Ladies spotted having tea on London Bridge

  1. Reblogged this on For Whom the Gear Turns and commented:
    I think we should definitely stage a tea-bombing of our own during Steam Tour, don’t you agree? Let me know if you would be interested in showing up bedecked in finery (or just out to have a good time) to enjoy a nice cuppa together sometime between Aug 16-Sept 16. I won’t have the supplies with me as I will be living out of a back pack, but this seems like too much fun NOT to try to do during my research trip. Cheers!

  2. Art installation maybe? Though I realise that there’s almost no line between that and a prank or PR stunt these days. Whatever the aim, I love it when people do such curious things essentially just because they can, and the reactions that provokes. Isn’t steampunk partly about disrupting our relationship with the past and about having its finer parts intrude on our present lives? And doesn’t something like this achieve that?

    Will have to give some thought to where I can best drop a tea bomb.

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