Announcement from Steampunk Experience


Steampunk Experience at Alt-Fest have released a statement regarding their future plans after the cancellation of Alt-Fest.
It seems that Dale Rowles of BB Blackdog – organiser of Steampunk Experience – has managed to salvage some form of an event and is now looking to secure last details. Read the official statement here:

As most of you know, we and a team of good people were running the Steampunk Experience as an independent stage/area as part of Alt-Fest. Now that the main event has been cancelled, I can announce there will still be an event hosted by ourselves. We’re talking to 2 venues, have backers, and another of the stages are on-board.
As the headliners have already been paid by myself, we will be running another event, and full details will be announced Monday Night. As you can imagine, there are a lot of t’s to cross and I’s to dot, so bear with me, but there will be an event on the same dates, and it will be fantastic.
Full refunds for Alt-Fest tickets should be available from the ticket agents, and the new event will be much cheaper, (would like to make it free or donation) Although something of this size will have costs, rest assured we will keep our costings and budgets realistic, as we have all along.

Refunds for traders not wanting to trade at the new event will also be processed Monday, as will applications for new stalls at the new event, ( as the new event will be cheaper to trade at, the difference will be refunded too
Thanks for all the support, Dale.”

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