Attack of the Atomic Airships book review

Attack of the Atomic Airships by Steven Harrison
Attack of the Atomic Airships front cover

Great steampunk adventures do not feel complete without airships, action, adventure and Queensbury rules. Attack of the Atomic Airships! is a fantastic book filled with adventures, mechanical wonders and an abundance of humour that would be a great read for most young adults. This book can be found on brand new priced at £6.99 and is also available on Kindle for £1.98.

Review written by Tobias Blake

Attack of the Atomic Airships is a fun-filled story that takes you on an action adventure from the rivers of the Amazon to the skies above Paris, offering plenty of humour to boot. This book is about the adventure of Air Group Captain Sebastopol Valiant; a British officer who has a love for brandy, women and the open skies. As the synopsis states ‘A damn fine man to have standing beside you in a fight as well as at a bar’. Based in an alternative timeline of World War 2 our hero finds himself getting into all sorts of situations that otherwise would be considered hairy and all starting with a card game in the Amazon.

Sebastopol Valiant is a lovable rogue of a character who finds himself having to tow a mighty airship over the streets of Paris which just so happens to have an atomic payload. A well written book which had next to no grammatical errors and kept a good pace during the action but seems a little slow between fight scenes. The story has many whimsical wonders such as the tiny message trains that come out of the skirting boards in Government buildings and mechanically enhanced horses.

Attack of the Atomic Airships! is reasonably good value for money and bursting at the seams with Steampunk themes, It is a book that can be enjoyed by all – although does seem it is aimed more towards a younger audience – but this does not detract from the quality of the story Highly Recommended award

Features 5
Pace 5
Value 4
Overall 4

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