Doctor Who series 8 features steampunk open sequence

Doctor Who series 8 open sequence?

Steampunks into Doctor Who are in for a treat if the opening sequence for series 8 is in fact the real one.

Radio Times website have reported that this is the new sequence for Peter Capaldi’s jaunt as the Time Lord which is essentially a sequence that was made by a fan of the show last year.

It matches exactly the fan made sequence – which is fine – but Radio Times have explained that it was inspired.

Steampunk elements are rife throughout the 44 second video as we travel through the inner workings of a clock, a spiral clock face and Peter Capaldi’s face appearing on the pocket watch used by David Tennant.

This isn’t the first time a steampunk theme has been used in Doctor Who. The Boxing Day episode featured a giant steam powered Cyber-man with The Doctor battling him from a hot air balloon.

Doctor Who has always had a vintage look to his fashion, but recently it’s started to turn more Victorian and with the science fiction element, it’s only natural that it goes more steampunk.

Read the Radio Times article and watch the video here:
Radio Times Doctor Who open sequence

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