Steampunk Style competition winner announced!

steampunk_style_COMPETITION_GRAPHIC_WINNERYou may remember I began a competition to win a copy of Steampunk Style – the wonderful steampunk How-To book with oriental inspiration. You can read the review by following the link below.

It was a writing contest to submit a short story of 2000 words of an original steampunk tale. Sponsored by my splendid friends at Titan Publications, the winners receive a copy of Steampunk Style to hopefully help them immerse themselves into steampunk more, start tinkering or even give them more inspiration to write steampunk themed novels. The winners will also have their stories displayed on the Titan Publications website.

The stories were judged by Chloe Seger at Titan Publications and myself. The quality of the stories we received is very high and we were both highly impressed with the plots, writing styles and some of the steampunk technology that our entrants conceived.

It is my great pleasure to announced two winners as I split the competition into Under 18 and Over 18 categories.

The winner of the Under 18 category is Finlay Worrallo and his story entitled The Great Outer Space Travel Engine. This fantastic first person adventure explores the fear and trepidation of Man’s first flight into space.

The winner of the Over 18 category is Nemma Wollenfang with Clockwork Evangeline. It’s a wonderful story of a clockwork android in the service of an aged tailor. A visitor become entranced with her and there’s an interesting twist at the end.

Congratulations to you both, I will be in contact to get your postal details so your prize can be sent to you.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the entrants to the competition. I know that both myself and Chloe had a really tough time choosing a winner.

Keep an eye out for further competitions on Steampunk Journal’s Competition page.

Review of Steampunk Style on Steampunk Journal

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