Nightmare in Steam

by Lexi Ostrow
Nightmare in Steam

You can’t expect to live in a dream if all you’ve ever done is walk in nightmares.

Eliza Kempe Dorley is always left in the background. As a female, being top inventor for the Alliance of Silver and Steam has as many draw backs as perks. She’s in charge of the creation of the many tools the Guild uses in pursuit of the demons that run lose in the London Underground, which means without her the demons would be harder to put down. It also means she misses all of the action and has never had the chance to really use any of her inventions. Lucius Cooley Willan is a Nightmare Demon with a penchant for gambling and sleeping with women he shouldn’t and it’s landed him in hot water.

Now he spends his nights slinking in humans dreams, unleashing terrors so strong it kills them and he can capture their soul for his boss. But when he’s ordered to attack the Guild that hunts his kind he’s enthralled by the feisty inventor he comes upon. Eliza’s victim to Lucius in a way no others have been, a sensual dream that she can’t shake when wakes up. When he bumps into her at the trains she’s an addiction he can’t shake. When he out-right disobeys the demon who controls him for some out of dreams interactions with the Eliza, it will be up to him to save her from the nightmare he’s put her in.

The prequel to Nightmare in Steam was released in a collection of rather saucy stories called Les Vaporistes: A Hot Ink Anthology (Steampunk Erotique Book1)

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