Antediluvian crowd funder aims to get YOU infront of the camera

Antedivulian set in AtlantisThere’s just one month left to donate to Antediluvian – the steampunk web series that can get you on camera. I briefly mentioned this a few days ago on the Steampunk Journal Facebook page and now there’s only a month left.

It appears that Antediluvian is an island that can float through time and space. It is in fact Atlantis and sounds like a Dr Who/Lost mash. Because of the temporal basis of the plot, steampunks from around America can be involved with the project (it seems to be just open to the USA at the moment) and that’s where your donation will go along with buying new equipment, such as cameras, lighting, transportation etc.

Antedivulian web seriesThere are a lot of contributors already that are helping with the project that aren’t steampunks, so you don’t have to be a steampunk to get involved. As the crowd funding page states:

“Many people involved have nothing to do with steampunk but as animators, cgi artist, wardrobe designers, painters, visual effects artist, photographers, actors, makeup artist, and other pratical effects artist you can see the list goes on and on. They are all donating their time and hard work to make this series and promote themselves as artist.

“It’s a difficult thing in this day and age to promote your talents as an artist, but we are offering that to those who are able to get involved.”

It’s a shame that the project can’t expand outside America, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t help in some way. The web series will most likely benefit from global marketing and promotion, so if you’re interested in helping in some way, you can get in touch with the Director Dustin Hawkins on the Facebook page here:

Antedivulian Facebook page

You can donate via monetary means on the GoFundMe page here:

Antedivulian GoFundMe page

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