Professor Elemental wants to make the internet splendid!


I’ve been contacted by the splendid Professor Elemental (adventurer, tea drinker and bad ass emcee) to spread the word about his latest venture. His newest record is called Don’t Feed the Trolls and is a campaign to end trolling by simply ignoring them. After all, the reason they do it is to start arguments. Then they’ll either argue it out or slip out of the loop and watch everyone squabble among themselves.

The target to make a video for the track has been reached already. The rest of the funds will be spread out to various charities. Have a read of the press release below and have a think about donating.

Professor Elemental is on a mission. After several years of youtube hits and worldwide tours, the steam powered emcee has taken aim at the darker side of the internet, with his new single ‘Don’t feed the trolls’.

Not satisfied with getting the word out via the music alone, the acclaimed inventor of the ‘chap hop’ genre wants to make a video, raise money for charity and spread awareness all at the same time. Three days after his Indiegogo campaign went live to help him make a video, it reached its target and the fundraising shows no sign of slowing down! The Professor has pledged that every penny from here on in will be given away to local charities, all of which do vital work for young people across the country.  The campaign’s message is simple, don’t feed the trolls and don’t become one. With a bit of help from his friends, the Professor might just succeed in making the internet nicer for everybody.

ABOUT PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL  Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the youtube hits, ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ and ‘Fighting Trousers’. His multi award winning  music charts subjects such as steam-powered flight, lovely horses, strange inventions and a nice cup of tea! ‘chap hop’s leading exponent’ –  The Wall Street journal   ‘A youtube Hit’ – Daily Telegraph

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN  The campaign aims to raise £3500 to make a music video, directed by the brilliant Caroline Iandoli. Any further funds will be given to one of three locally based charities; Ditch the label (anti-bullying), Audioactive (music workshops) and Impact Initiatives (an umbrella organisation which houses Brighton’s young peoples centre).
The initial target has now been reached, so any help getting more fund will mean more money going directly to each charity.

Ditch The Label:


The Young People’s Centre:

The campaign:

The song:


Twitter: @prof_elemental



Tel: 07832 387937

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