Steampunker wins Indie Prize and launches Indiegogo campaign

Steampunker game image still

Steampunker wins Indie Prize and launches Indiegogo campaign Steampunker by a Polish studio Telehorse has won Indie Prize “Best Game Art Award” at Casual Connect in Belgrade.
40 games from over 20 countries were
selected for the showcase.

Yulia Vakhrusheva, Director of Indie Prize said: “Steampunker is more than a point-and-click adventure. Its suspenseful atmosphere keeps you hooked until the end – it felt like reading an exciting sci-fi book and being part of its story!”

The developer is currently seeking funds to make the award-winning game available on new platforms. The Steampunker campaign was launched 11/4/14 on Indiegogo:

Steampunker is a beautiful 2-D adventure point-and-click game characterised by unique steampunk-style graphics. At the moment it’s available in the App Store for iPad only. The campaign aims to raise $2000 in crowdfunding to complete the Android and iPhone versions of the game. The stretch goals include translating the game into several languages.
The player takes on the role of a gentleman hero called Vincent, who, facing the invasion of evil robots, needs to save his futuristic Victorian world.
The future of the Earth hangs on his creativity, imagination and ability to
solve innumerable puzzles and brain teasers, which set in motion various
machines and mechanisms.

In September the game was showcased at Tokyo Game Show. Famitsu Apps
nominated Steampunker for the TGS 2014 Indie Prize. Touch Arcade also
noticed Steampunker in Tokyo. Shaun Musgrave listed the game as one of six
most interesting indie games at TGS 2014.

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