Steam Powered Giraffe provide soundtrack for new video game

Steam Powered Giraffe will appear in Steam World HeistMechanical and musical geniuses Steam Powered Giraffe have confirmed that they are providing the soundtrack for a new computer game by game developers Image & Form.

The game is a space adventure featuring mechanical characters and is due in spring 2015. Not only will you be able to listen to the music by SPG, you can pick up sheet music during game play which enables you to play a collection of tracks as you add to it. SPG even make an appearance in the game as a band that the protagonists encounter while recruiting in bars and clubs. “A SteamWorld game about steam-powered robots featuring real-world steam-powered robots. It’s perfect!” Said CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson.

Brjann met with SPG in June 2014 at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and managed to get them to agree to the deal. He admits to being a fan of their music, which left him a little star struck. “We’re very much alike, childish and pretty resourceful. They wear a bit more makeup at times, is all.”

The Spine agrees: “Luckily, make-up aside, our mechanical cog-filled hearts were in synch. When asked if we would like to collaborate with Image and Form on their next SteamWorld game we immediately said yes! We loved SteamWorld Dig, and a steam-powered robot band making music for a steam-powered robot game? Count us in!”

He continued “It’s a unique and enjoyable experience for the band. There is definitely a ton of passion going into the game, from them, from us, it’s a labour of love and we personally can’t wait to share our contributions to the game with the world.”

Steam Powered Giraffe perform new music in the game
Steam Powered Giraffe perform new music in the game

Watch the music video for “Prepare for Boarding”, the first song from SteamWorld Heist, featuring Steam Powered Giraffe in all of their steam-powered glory: (sorry, links are currently not working on Steampunk Journal, please copy and paste in a new tab – Editor)

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