New Assassin’s Creed: Victory game to be set in Victorian London

Assassin's Creed: Victory game still via kotaku.comWe’ve come a long way from the first Assassin’s Creed which was a fight against the evil Templars. I quite like the Templars, so I was a little bemused by this plot point. However, it was a game I enjoyed thoroughly. I continued to play the subsequent versions, but stopped just before Black Flag.

Now some spoiler previews have been leaked about the newest installment which is called Victory and is set in Victorian London. According to Forbes, the reaction from gamers has been decidedly tepid. Apparently this is down to two points; one being Assassin’s Creed: Unity which was disappointing and that Ubisoft have supposedly been quite predictable by setting it in Victorian London. Arguably the developers are wanting to regain some ground by cashing in on the popularity of steampunk. It seems that gamers want the excitement of a new setting that Black Flag gave them (clearly I made a mistake by stopping with the game just before it was released) and going back to another sprawling city scape just won’t do it for them. Forbes also report that they’re bored with the white male hero. Although I’m pretty sure that Altaïr wasn’t white.

What are your thoughts on this new setting for the franchise? I’m quite excited about it and I may have to reinvest in a new Xbox to play it.

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