What films would be converted to steampunk?

wild wild west steampunk film
Will Smith and Kevin Kline

There are a plethora of steampunk themed films out already with more coming out each year. The start of the year is the most exciting for cinema goers as films they’ve been waiting for (did someone say 2015 release of Star Wars?) as well as some unknown gems will be hitting screens all over the globe. But what films that have already been made do you think would be just as good – or even better – converted to steampunk themed films?

My list includes films that some would already maybe see as steampunk. This is not a definitive list. It’s my list and I’d like you to submit yours in the comments section below:

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
I would really like to see how the script would pan out with everyone conning each other while still being dreadfully polite to one another.

2) Mad Max
Many will say this has elements of steampunk, but I think it’s more cyberpunk or at the very least dieselpunk. It would be interesting to see people using duelling pistols and rapiers in fights. However, the high octane chases for fuel would be distinctly easier and more akin to a stroll, as the coal gets towed by train or Traction Engine.

3) James Bond (any)
He’s already a gentleman, charming with the ladies and will go to any lengths to protect his country and Queen. If only we could see him dashing from continent to continent in a dirigible while wearing a top hat, monocle and splendid moustache.

Fight Club (film)
Fight Club (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) Fight Club
“I say, you at the back. Yes you, sir, would you mind awfully not talking about Fight Club? Thank you, dear boy.”

5) ET
I can’t help but imagine how Victorians would feel upon discovering a moon-faced extra-terrestrial. I like to think that they’d hunt it down and destroy it within the first few minutes of the film. That would suit me fine.

6) Batteries not Included
Of course the title would have to be changed to “Bereft of Power” or “Toothless Cogs” or something. It would be wonderful to see how the flying aliens are created using cogs and clockwork while a chimney spews black fumes from the top.

Weird Science (film)
Weird Science (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7) Weird Science
The title encapsulates steampunk anyway, and the entire premise would have to be revised. However, I think if Kelly LeBrock turned up in a corset, petticoats and toting a Blunderbuss, those young chaps at their country retreat for the summer would be in for some merry japes.

3 thoughts on “What films would be converted to steampunk?

  1. Shouldn’t Number 1 be retitled Lock, Stock and two steaming barrels??? Number 6…. Batteries not invented

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