William Shatner plans to cross America on a steampunk Tricycle

Rivet - Concept sketch
Rivet – Concept sketch

Whether you love or hate William Shatner, you have to respect what he’s done in his life. Best known for his portrayal as Captain James T Kirk in the Original series of Star Trek, he also reprised the role for six subsequent films and a cameo in Star Trek: Generations alongside Patrick Stewart‘s Captain Picard and wrote a sequel novel “The Return” about the events directly after Generations. He’s even been tipped to appear in Star Trek 3 with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.Of course, his appearance may depend on whether he’s managed to cross the entire country of America on his custom built tricycle “Rivet”. He says himself that he’s crossed America with family and dogs, but never a motorcycle.

The bike has been built by American Wrench – a bespoke vehicle team – and has a certain futuristic post-apocalypse steampunk edge to it. A video on The Telegraph shows a couple of meetings between Shatner and American Wrench staff where he instructs them on requirements such as a wheelie bar, off-road capability and a canopy – something the designers aren’t too pleased about!

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