Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman appear in Victorian clothing

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Following Benedict Cumberbatch‘s issues in America where he was forced to apologise for using the word “coloured”, he’s since returned to England and is now shooting scenes for the next series of Sherlock.

As a fan of the show I can’t wait for the new series, so this can’t come soon enough. The unusual point is that both Cumberbatch and co-star Martin Freeman have been seen in splendid Victorian garb with Holmes sporting his traditional deerstalker and Watson in a bowler, complete with waistcoat, pocket watch and long overcoat.

Everyone is at a loss as to why they would be wearing this clothing and the surrounding extras and supporting cast were in similar costumes. There has been rumours of time travel, but that would bring an unnecessary and unrealistic aspect to a more more gritty and realistic show. One thing that leads me to think that they’re not actually in Victorian England is that some scenes show Freeman sporting a rather delightful moustache and some don’t.

Hopefully, they’ve had to go to a Victorian re-enactment event or something, although Cumberbatch did use the excuse in his apology that he’s a Victorian time-traveller who came in his steam powered time machine.

See pictures and video of Sherlock here: Sherlock in Victorian dress

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