Images released from the set of Penny Dreadful’s second series

The cover page from a reprint of the British p...
The cover page from a reprint of the British penny dreadful series Varney the Vampire (1845). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Josh Hartnett has been seen walking around in his outfit for the second series of Penny Dreadful. The show which also stars Eva Green and Timothy Dalton is set in Victorian London and is inspired by the cheap, sensational story books that grew in popularity through that era.

Although the storylines are set in London, they’re filmed in Ireland. The new series is due for release in April, which seems as though they’re leaving it a bit late, though I won’t profess to knowing much about these things.

Penny Dreadful is one of my favourite television shows and I can’t wait for its return.

You can see more images and video here: Penny Dreadful series 2 behind the scenes

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