Trailer release for Victorian horror Angelica

Jena Malone as Constance in Angelica
Jena Malone as Constance in Angelica

A teaser trailer has been posted for upcoming supernatural thriller Angelica. The film stars Jena Malone who you may remember as Rocket from Dieselpunk action-fest Sucker Punch.

Malone plays Constance, a middle class girl living in Victorian London who loses her parents at an early age. So when she falls in love with a Doctor and they marry and she falls pregnant, all seems wonderful. That is until Angelica is born, Constance nearly dies and subsequently has to lead a life on abstinence. Angelica is directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein who is probably best known for Teeth. The trailer shows the film to be dark, bleak and extremely quiet. There are no loud, tense musical numbers.

See the trailer on FlickeringMyth here: Angelica trailer

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