Steampunk News round up 07/02/2015

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VIDEO: Author Edits Preview For First Collections of Steampunk Sherlock Holmes Manga
Crunchyroll News
The first volume of Akuto -ACT- team Daisuke “Sai” Ihara and Hitotsu Yokoshima’s Gunlock manga was released in Japan today, and to promote it, the…

Who Wants a Steampunk Gameboy?
Visual News
It does look kinda cool – so the next time you find yourself at a steampunk party and it starts to lag, just bust out your gameboy and play some Tetris…

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Star Trek stars coming to Southampton
Daily Echo
The theme of the ball is Steampunk, which is a subgenre of sci-fi or fantasy which involves aspects of steam-powered machinery from the 19th century.

Original music thrives in Daytona Beach at MainStreet Live
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Northeast Florida musician Steampunk Stace may get the prize for the festival’s most unusual instrument: He’ll perform John Renbourn/Michael…

3D Printed Wimshurst Machine
Steampunk extraordinaire [Jake von Slatt] has released his latest creation. This time he’s built a Wimshurst machine from mostly 3D printed parts.

Columns | Cambridge Curiosity Cabinet: How to spot Victorian fakery
The Cambridge Student
There is no need to belittle the Victorians for their copying of old styles, as the newer buildings are quite pretty in their own right. But it is amusing to …

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