Steampunk News round up 17/02/2015

Photographic portrait of Julia Stephen, mother...
Photographic portrait of Julia Stephen, mother of Woolf, by Julia Margaret Cameron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company Spring Production: Jekyll/Hyde set in Steampunk Victorian
Westmoreland County Times
The Steampunk theme is a creative element added by Stephen Schrum, PhD, associate professor of Theatre and director of the spring production.

Steampunk Meets 3D Printing: Our Top 7 3D Printed Steampunk Designs
Steampunk is a genre that many are familiar with but don’t actually know much about. They are familiar with books, movies…

Style Stop: Calyx Moore
Her style: I’m really into something called Steampunk. It’s a style of dress and subculture of science-fiction. It’s all really fluffy dresses and corsets and…

Was the UK really more tolerant of gays in Victorian times than the 1960s?
A new study has shown that there were more convictions for homosexuality in the 1960s than the ‘prudish’ Victorian era. The largest ever study into…

Was this woman’s back pain cured by a VICTORIAN GHOST? Surgeon reaches across time to
A woman who suffered agonising back pain for seven years claimed she was cured after being operated on by a ghost doctor from another century.

‘Chasing Shadows’ kicks off 200th anniversary year for Victorian photographer
On The Wight
In the year that sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of renowned Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, Dimbola Museum and Gallery at…


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