Steampunk News round up 18/02/2015

Kickstarting a next-gen steampunk nixie clock
Boing Boing
Kyle writes, “The first clock in my series of Steampunk Nixie timepieces was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year, and I’ve just released the next…

THEATER REVIEW | Retrofabulus steampunk “Oliver!” at the Pantages Theatre fun to look at
Twin Cities Daily Planet
Victorian steampunk is the overriding design aesthetic and plenty fun to watch. The fast and loose connection to realism is both this production’s…

VAL opens two new exhibits
Star Local Media
The Steampunk exhibit opens Saturday. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy literature and art that commonly features some aspect…

Steam Garden 8: Travel through time at Tokyo’s premier steampunk event 【Photos】
If, like us until last weekend, you’ve never been to a steampunk event before, Steam Garden might be the best introduction you could hope for.

Travel back in time to Victorian England at Riverside’s Dickens Festival
San Bernardino County Sun
What: Meet with the dancers attending Mr. Fezziwig‘s Victorian Ball and ask about their costumes. Light refreshments will be available as well as a…

How The Order: 1886 is trying to be a Victorian Blade Runner
San Jose Mercury News (blog)
The most I know is this: It takes place in an alternate Victorian era universe, where men still get around by carriage, wear top hots and sport bushy…

NEVERMORE to Launch ‘Goth and Steampunk‘ Thursdays Next Week
Broadway World
Beginning February 19, all Thursday evening performances will be “Goth and Steampunk” inspired, with all audience members dressed in Goth or…


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