First of three steampunk novels gets underway

terra_finiteI’ve been contacted by Sidney Lotto about his new book called The Cogs of Alusura. It’s the first in a trilogy of boooks called Terra Finite. Below is the synopsis for the novel.

After several of their team mates went rogue, Eleanor and Simon Braider became the last two survivors of the twelve specialised Royal Guard known as the Crown Wardens.

Now this odd couple travel the land of Alusura hunting down their former team mates seeking to bring them to justice, all while fending off the hordes of Fungari; ancient elemental creatures that suddenly appeared from nowhere and now prowl the night.

As our loving couple carry out their mission they uncover a much deeper and darker secret set to shake the established chain of power and push their very marriage to the brink.

It sounds fantastical and full of adventure. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can do that by visiting the Facebook page here:

Terra Finite Facebook page

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