copyright Gary Nichols

Gary Nicholls releases new images from the Imaginarium

copyright Gary Nicholls
Final design of the Necessitti – copyright Gary Nicholls

I’ve been a big fan of Gary Nicholls‘ work ever since he first discussed his plan for the Imaginarium story to me a year ago. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at Asylum and seeing his vision unfold to rapturous acclaim. His attention to detail and determination to concluded this epic story is admirable. Here, he’s written for Steampunk Journal about the next chapter in the story and the introduction of a new character and good friend of mine.

Written by Gary Nicholls

Recently I have released several new images for my Imaginarium project. The Imaginarium is a Dickens Style, Steampunk based story, that I have written and is being told in 150 images that I am producing using 28 characters and over 60 extras. The end result will be a book published in early 2016, with fine art prints available in limited edition numbers, which are for sale now, via my website

Ok, so that’s the outline, but, in truth, the story is a complex mixture of characters that are not what they first seem, and the project is an ever evolving beast, so by no means simple.

For those of you that have been following my work, on facebook, or seen me at Comic Con or The Asylum, you will know that the images are printed on Metal, not paper prints bonded to metal, but the ink is infused into a coating that is then heated to 200 degrees, in a 6 ton per square inch press. The result is similar to a 4k television screen, hi definition, amazing colours and stunning detail, almost 3d without the glasses.

So, to the first of my new images is a section of the story that has evolved. I needed the “magic” put into The Necessitti, a mysterious object invented by Dr William and noted in previous issues of this Journal. So, after a chance meeting at The Asylum last September, with the delightful Hannah Spring, Chrisalisia was born. Chrisalisia and Dr William has a past, which will be revealed as the project unfolds. But, she has magical powers and here she is seen emerging from her “pod” holding the Orb of the Necessitti which she has filled with a magical aura and power. I wanted her to be pure in heart, but dark in nature. Her skin is that of a butterfly wing, and the density of the markings changes, depending on her mood. The second image is a portrait showing both those qualities.

copyright Gary Nichols
Chrisalisia emerges
copyright Gary Nichols

It has been noted, in the synopsis, that Dr William has well to do friends, who are unaware that he goes out at night, healing the sick and helping the poor. There is a reason why he does this, and Chrisalisia is partly involved. But, more about that as the story unfolds. Oh, I am sure you want to know all the answers now, but there would be no fun in that would there? Anyway, when Eva is captured, she is taken by the Harlots and Lord Montague Belvoire via The Airship, to hide in the Pumping Station. Dr Williams friends are shown in this image, spotting the airship. I met these guys, at Comic Con in London, where I was exhibiting last May and will be again this year, in a section called “The Steampunk Emporium” with Lady Elsie and Major Tinker.

Image 3
The Airship is spotted

Colonel Nathan Darnay and Lord Daniel Askr report the sighting of the Airship to Dr William, in the stables. Dr William is keen to know where it is headed and if Eva is onboard. The setting of teh stables is again relevant, as in the final scenes of the story, Dr William will be on his Steampunk horse, ready for battle.

copyright Gary Nichols
Sighting of the airship is reported

After Eva is rescued, Dr William introduces Eva to his friends, only to find that they are not as friendly towards Eva as he had hoped. Miss Katrina Latham and Miss Atom Arkaya, are frosty, but Miss Margravine Fermoy is the one to befriend Eva.

copyright Gary Nichols

Before they leave, Katrina and Atom try to convince Dr William that Eva is not good for him, reminding him of her past, and that she could be conning him. They have found out that she was brought up by the Abernathy’s, but they do not know the association Dr William has with Captain Abernathy. They are afraid for him, knowing what has happened to him before and how low he had been.

copyright Gary Nichols
Could Eva be a bad person?

Katrina and Atom fail to convince Dr William that Eva will destroy him and storm out of his house in disgust, what can they do to help him?

copyright Gary NicholsI am currently working on a street scene that will have 60 or so characters; a pick pocket, window cleaner, flower seller, market stall, shoe shine, policeman catching a crook, etc etc, so that everywhere you look there will be something happening, In amongst all this, the characters will be there, the story continuing on.

This has been described as “Dark Steampunk” and I am happy with that, dark can be romantic, and The Imaginarium is a romantic story, of sorts. The story evolves, mostly because I see a place, person or location, that becomes a must have for the story. I knew very little about Steampunk when I started this project, oh how that has changed! I know have a few outfits and I am probably more Steampunk than I think! I have met some amazing, kind, fabulous people, and I know that I have yet to meet so many more. I still have nearly 100 images to shoot, but I am loving every minute, and I hope you will continue to follow me on Facebook or my website. If you are coming to MCM Comic Con, in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Glasgow this year, or The asylum in Lincoln in August, then please coma and say hello, I would love to see you!

You can connect with Gary either on his website here:

Or on his Facebook page here:

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