Fallout 4 information leak includes steampunk weapons

copyright Feng Zhu
Fallout 4 Concept art

According to quickdocs.com, an advertising executive has slipped out some information by accident about the fourth installment of Fallout.

While these are just rumours, it will provide a source of interest and gossip for gamers and steampunks alike as both groups will be curious about the new weapons that he mentioned.

The whole thing is speculation when it’s said that the executive mentioned weapons made of copper or bronze that will be designed in a steampunk aesthetic, such as traditional firing methods. There’s also mention that the nuclear waste that’s generally all around you will be able to be utilised into the weapons to upgrade them.

As with previous Fallout versions, the setting with be post nuclear war and possibly located in China. There’s no set release date, so all you can do is wait and listen to the rumour mills.

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