Concept art illustrates steampunk cities

copyright unknown
Tower Bridge under construction

I discovered some rather splendid artwork by an unknown artist on the Australian arm of They tell us that the images are inspired from the recent steampunk shoot-em-up The Order: 1886.

Copyright unknown
The Eiffel Tower. Not much of an eye full.

The art shows us various cities as they may have looked in a steampunk alternate reality of 1886. In keeping with the steampunk way of annoying outsiders with our lack of historical precision, the Paris image has the Eiffel Tower under construction even though it didn’t start until January 1887. have listed the source of the image as “supplied” which I assume means they know who the artist is. However, they haven’t given a name so if you know who may have made these marvellous pictures, then please let me know so I can credit them properly.

Copyright unknown
Circular Quay in Sydney

They did speak to Nicole Cama who is an Australian historian, by all accounts as she comments on how realistic the Sydney image is in relation to how the Circular Quay would have looked in those days.

Copyright unknown
Copyright unknown
Copyright unknown
Copyright unknown
Copyright unknown
Copyright unknown

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