Victorian urinal is Britain’s ugliest listed building

Victorian "Pissoir" in Devon, UK
Victorian “Pissoir” in Devon, UK

Locals have called it “the Ugliest Listed Building in the UK” and it’s one of 5 remaining public urinals from the Victorian era. Originally designed and built by George Jennings, the amusingly named “Pissoir” has now been granted a facelift after years of vandalism and neglect.

Speaking to the Western Daily press, Richard Wane from Devon said: “It is certainly one of the more unusual listed buildings and I can’t think of any that are in such a bad state. It probably is one of the ugliest listed buildings in the UK and it is such a shame that something so historic has been allowed to get into such awful condition. But it is great to hear the council are going to give it a make-over. It certainly needs one.”

The building is situated in the Thorne Park area of Plymouth in Devon. Along with the spruce up and repaint, it will also get a metal gate across the entrance so it can’t be used for antisocial behaviour while closed. The gate won’t connect to the building, though, it will be attached via two concrete posts at the entrance.

The design of the loo has urinals lining the sides of the building with gorgeous decorated cast iron walls. I can’t decide if I like the green and I’m unsure if it’s the original colour. Maybe some lighter tones would make the experience all the more pleasant.

Back in December 2014, the Independent also ran a story on a similar public urinal that has also been given Grade II listed status in Bristol. You can read about it here: Victorian Public Urinal gains Grade II listing

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