Steampunk News round up 06/03/2015


Elliot Marbles by Linnaeus Tripe
Elliot Marbles by Linnaeus Tripe

At Bonhams: Rare Victorian “Photographs of the Elliot Marbles”
Fine Books & Collections Magazine
A rare copy of Photographs of the Elliot Marbles by the Victorian photographer Linnaeus Tripe (1822-1902) is to be sold at Bonhams sale of Fine…

Free steampunk workout videos
Boing Boing
Vermont, the little Holland of the United States, has been a leader in pot decriminalization, gay marriage, and socialist presidential candidates. One of…

Ghost in the Machine: Steampunk & Cyberpunk Collide, as Novel Races to Rescue Personal
Digital Journal
‘Ghost in the Machine’ bucks literary trends to fuse cyberpunk, steampunk, adventure and fantasy. It’s a thought-provoking race against the clock that…

Traveling With Your Octopus – A young woman and her cephalopod mollusc companion travel the
Boing Boing
Two years later the Octo-Victorian duo are back, and they’re taking a trip around a steampunk-inspired alternate world. Author and illustrator Brian…



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