What does steampunk mean to you?

stfashion1I recently posted an article about the rules of steampunk and how there’s more and more versions of what steampunk is. This can be quite confusing for the newcomer to steampunk and even more so if the information is biased or incorrect.

To that end, I’ve teamed up with Steampunk UK and Steampunk International Facebook pages to find out what steampunk means to you. In time, we hope to expand this to be able to write some guidelines which will help people in their journey through steampunk.

Below is the release we’ve posted on the Facebook pages. You can visit those pages via the links below.

Steampunk: this is why we come here, this is our passion… But what is Steampunk?

We want to ask YOU this very question!

In a bid to help newcomers to the genre, Steampunk UK, Steampunk International and Steampunk Journal want to write up a Guide to Steampunk. However, instead of dictating to you what Steampunk is we want to ask you.

“What is Steampunk and What does it mean to you?”

Please help and contribute to this guide.

You can contribute your thoughts on steampunk via the comments section below, emailing me via electronic telegram or by commenting on the Steampunk UK or Steampunk International Facebook pages.

Steampunk UK Facebook page

Steampunk International Facebook page

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