Steampunk News round up 11/03/2015

Givenchy autumn/winter 2015 collection Photo: Isidore Montag
Givenchy autumn/winter 2015 collection Photo: Isidore Montag

Riccardo Tisci seduces with Victorian-inspired clothes at Givenchy
It’s deeply revealing, probably, that so many designers find themselves repeatedly drawn to Victoriana – and not the twee innocence that the Victorians

Romeo and Juliet review – tweenage Shakespeare with a touch of steampunk
The Guardian
Emma Bailey’s striking designs place us in a world that resembles the Paris of 1968 with a touch of steampunk. The stage is dominated by a…

Artist Spotlight: Steampunk sculptor Andrew Zahrndt
The Newark Advocate
Zahrndt creates three-dimensional steampunk art, using polymer clay to sculpt his creations and adorning them with all kinds of wires, gears and…

GSN Orders New Series ‘Steampunk‘d,’ ‘Lie Detector,’ Develops ‘Hellevator’ with Jason Blum
In its quest to get younger and hipper, GSN has ordered two new primetime series, one revolving around the Steampunk aesthetic, and three pilots…

FACT: Some male octopuses practice safe, ‘distant sex’ to avoid being strangled and eaten by
While there is no shortage of weird sex practices in the animal world, if you’re a male octopus, you might want to steer clear of females altogether…

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