Steampunk News round up 21/03/2015

ET Canada
ET Canada

Arisa Cox Takes Viewers On A Tour Of ‘Big Brother Canada’s Awesome New Steampunk House (blog)
Steampunk, describes Arisa, “is this romantic vision of the future but set in the past — think sci-fi and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It’s industrial, it’s…

Marc Andreyko Talks Writing Red Sonja For A Steampunk World
Bleeding Cool News
Taking her dominant traits –audaciousness, boldness, a fire within – and seeing how they recalibrate in a steampunk setting but still have her…

‘Science in Wonderland: The Scientific Fairy Tales of Victorian Britain’, by Melanie Keene
Financial Times
We have believed in Mr Gradgrind for far too long,” Melanie Keene announces at the start of her survey of children’s science writing in the Victorian era…

Black Victorians: History we’ve been taught claims we’ve only ever been slaves
New Pittsburgh Courier
The Black Victorians. Who were they? And why haven’t we heard more about them? Similar to the legend that was Dido Elizabeth Belle, a biracial…

Cyberpunk Couple at Dusk {Paris Photo}
Mimi Froufrou
I first thought “steampunk“, then “animés”. After comparing fashion notes with Pinterest, I was able to narrow it down to “cyberpunk.” It’s a more futuristic…

Victorian theme for the town’s Sunshine Carnival
Eastbourne Herald
… involved again for the third year.” To enter or volunteer see Pictured are Eastbourne & Hailsham Steampunk Group….


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